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We guarantee property owners their rent

We are proud of the fact that we are the only Property Management company we know of in Invercargill offering landlords a ‘GUARANTEED RENT.’ That means that if during a tenancy that we have set-up, there are rental arrears (for whatever reason), we will pay the rent for a specified period and re-let the property at no cost to the owner. You have to be confident of your ability in order to do that - we are and that’s why we can! We call that a guarantee, our property owners call it ‘peace of mind’.

Yes we charge for the excellent service we provide. You wouldn’t expect much in return if we did it for free. Some owners prefer to try managing their rental property themselves. To them we say ‘good luck' and if you want any help or advice along the way or maybe a rental appraisal, then we are happy to oblige. Remember – it’s very unlikely that the time and effort you personally put into managing your rental property will be tax deductible. With our help it almost certainly will be.

Rental Appraisal on your Investment Property

We offer a rental appraisal service to any home owner or investor wishing to have a professional independent rental analysis done on their property or prospective purchase of an Investment. We provide detailed information on comparable rentals in your area and have access to databases that gives us the confidence as well as experience. We research homes currently on the market for rent, homes which have rented, homes withdrawn from the market and expired rental listings.

We take in to consideration unique characteristics of a property, current economic conditions and other factors will be considered to help determine the appropriate rental price. The rental appraisal of your property will be provided in a written report and costs $95 + GST.

The rental appraisal is free of charge if Propertyscouts Invercargill are appointed as property manager of your rental property.

Finding your rental property the right tenant

Because Propertyscouts is a dedicated property management company, rental properties is what we do and we are 100% focused on managing your investment. We carefully match a tenant with a property so that both the landlord and tenant are satisfied. Our aim is to have happy long term tenants, therefore reducing vacancy times and maximizing your return.

We qualify tenant applicants based on extensive financial checks. We look into previous rental history where applicable and do a variety of personal checks. Propertysocuts Invercargill know how important it is to put the right tenants in your investment, so this is not an area we cut corners. We ask the right questions, and push for as much information as we can to ensure we have the right tenant for the right house. We are thorough, so thorough we back ourselves with Guaranteed Rent.

Once we have chosen a tenant, we then provide them with a "tenancy offer". We will continue to market your property until the tenant has paid their rent in advance and bond. This ensures we do not waste or miss any opportunity to rent your property. Once the tenant has secured the property by making this payment, we arrange to sign the tenancy agreement and provide them with all move in documentation. This ensures they understand their responsibilities, and outlines how to keep a property dry and ventilated in Southland conditions, and our expectations of cleanliness and how the property is to be left at the end of the tenancy.

Propertyscouts Invercargill then use Palace Software to put together a very detailed entry inspection, recording a video and taking photos of all area's of your property. We write up an agreed condition report, and have this signed before the keys are handed over.

How will Propertyscouts market my investment / home?

Quality photographs and descriptions rent properties quicker and attract higher numbers of prospective tenants. We make sure your home is marketed well and highlights all of the features you property has to maximise interest, quickly and effectively. Once we are happy with our photos and descriptions we will advertise your rental property on Trade Me, and our Propertyscouts web page. We will also market your rental property to Southland Hospital and S.I.T when your property falls into a niche market. 

Routine property inspections - Condition and maintenance of your investment

A thorough entry inspection is completed prior to the tenant commencing occupancy of your rental. This documents the condition of the property at the time of move-in and includes a photographic record, and video record.

A follow-up routine inspection is completed approximately one month after the tenancy commences (provided everything is going well we normally reward the tenant with a small gift at this time). We have routine property inspections every 3 months. This gives us an opportunity to keep a good eye on your property and send you the photographic evidence that your property is being looked after. Generally this is a good time for us to check the maintenance on your house, and touch base with the tenant to see if they have any concerns that need attending to.  

At the end of the tenancy, a leaving inspection will be completed before any bond is refunded. Any damage in excess of normal wear and tear will result in a deduction from the tenant's bond. There is no charge for entry and exit inspections. Routine inspections are charged at $39 +GST.

Property owner rental payments and statements 

Propertyscouts property owners are paid mid month and at the end of each calendar month. We understand your commitments and believe in paying our property owners twice monthly to help keep on top of things. Payments are made based on all rents received, less our management fee and any invoices paid by Propertyscouts on behalf of owners. This is where our Rental Guarantee kicks in and gives you the peace of mind that any small issues of late rents are not your concern. It is our job to chase these up and this is where our property owners can rest easy. 

In addition to rental proceeds, you will receive a monthly statement itemizing rental income and any deductions or expenses. Along with your statement, you will receive a copy of invoices for any work completed on your property. Annually, you will receive a comprehensive year-end statement for tax purposes, that your accountant will find very helpful when completing your tax return.

Repairs and maintenance - Propertyscouts don't charge to arrange maintenance, it's our job to make your investment easy

At Propertyscouts we don't think it is fair to charge you the property owner to arrange property maintenance, we think this is our job to make owning an investment easy. Propertyscouts Invercargill use reliable and experienced  tradesmen, and have formed strong relationships with tradesmen through the years of renovating our own rental properties. Because of this we understand some landlords have strong relationships with contractors that they trust, and Propertyscouts are happy to make note of any of your preferred Tradesmen and be sure to use them.

All tenant maintenance requests are fully reviewed by us before any work is authorized. Before authorizing repairs expected to exceed $300 we will contact the owner for approval. 

Propertyscouts Property Management Fees

Our property management fees are upfront and honest, that is why we don't hide our fees, we are happy to advertise them on our website for all to view.  Yes we charge for our services, you wouldn't expect much for free, but we have priced ourselves competitively in the Invercargill market, however our aim is not so much to be the cheapest but to be competitive, upfront, and provide the best property management service in Invercargill.

Property owners are not required to pay any funds up-front. An administration fee (equal to one weeks rent) is retained from the first rent payment. The administration fee covers the cost of showing the property to potential tenants, credit checks and signing tenancy agreements. It also covers exit inspection/s and on the rear occasion that Tenancy Tribunal action is required, this would all be covered. We use this method to provide property owners upfront pricing with no surprises. We want our landlords to know exactly what we charge upfront, we do not want to "clip the ticket" so to speak on the way.

Propertyscouts Invercargill charge a management fee of 8.9% plus GST and our inspection fees are $39 plus GST (this is calculated at cost recovery). We also offer promotional packages to ensure that property vacancies are kept to the minimum. If a tenant wishes to re-sign at the conclusion of a fixed term tenancy there is a tenancy agreement renewal fee of $99 charged following the resigning, this is to cover our time and negotiations around the renewal.

Minimise your risk, maximise your gains. Leave the stress to other property investors.

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