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Will Property Prices Keep Rising Indefinitely???? - 2nd Feb 2017

Will Property Prices Keep Rising Indefinitely????

How Long Can We Sustain Growth In The Property Market?

Clearly we are all looking for answers in this field, and as we know there is no crystal ball when it comes to these things, however there is trends and there is history and market analysis to go by.

When it comes to thinking investment properties it is very easy to listen to the safe players, who as soon as they see growth, they negatively wait for the bubble to burst, and on a low they see the last down turn as the end of the world and fail to see property as a good investment.

My advice is look to the people who do well in property as they have not just seen the high's, they have weathered the storms too and have great advice and insight to give.

Just this week Matthew Gilligan from GRA in Auckland put out a very interesting read.


The answer to me is clear, YES!!! over time inflation has shown an upward trend.  Of course we will hit peaks in the market, it’s not called a property cycle for nothing!!!! But to do well in property you need the "cycle".

If you are interested in Investing, talk to people who are also interested.  Join your local Property Investors Association, and look for advice in the right places.  Read good books, a suggestion would be Matthew Gilligan "Property 101" 

To answer the question above, have a read of Matthew's take on Property Prices Rising.  Whether you agree or disagree, it is always important to have all the information in front of you to make an educated decision.

We enjoy being part of the investing circles and always strive to gain more knowledge in the area.  

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