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TOP leader Gareth Morgan Has His Say On Rental Properties - 30th Aug 2017

TOP leader Gareth Morgan Has His Say On Rental Properties When there is an election, we are sure to see ideas thrown around for votes, however TOP leader Gareth Morgan's ideas, in our opinion would be at the deprement to both landlords and tenants.

His policy is to make it limited to intentional damage, and or rent arrears to evict a tenant.  This would mean an owner can not reclaim their home, or sell on without the tenancy intact.

If we look into this, it would comprimise owners who say, wish to rent their home out while moving overseas, or the Mum and Dad investors who branch out to purchase a rental as the risks just increase.

We need investors, and 75% of rental property owners own 1 property.  They are not at the top making money and maximising on tenants, they are enabling tenants to live in the home that they have purchased for an agreed amount for an agreed time.

Fixed term tenancies is the way to go.  I understand that some tenants get the short straw from owners, but this goes the other way too.  If you wish for a long term property, look to fix in a term so that all parties have security.

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