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Property as an Investment - 4th Nov 2015

Finding the Right Investment

Working with the right people, giving you good Investment Advice

To succeed in any venture you need to surround yourself with people who give you knowledgeable advice with proven track records.  In our journey to Property Investment we have learnt a lot from both our mistakes and from our successes.  Luckily for us our successes paid off and we wish to help advise others on good investment decisions in Invercargill, and offer a high standard of Property Management to your investments to maximise both your returns and capital growth.

I had the privilege of meeting a very smart, knowledgeable man by the name of Alex de Boer, who is a financial adviser and mortgage broker.  What started out as a meet and greet, turned into hours of conversation about our mutual goal, of helping investors and families making sure they were making good financial investments with the properties they are looking a buying.  I have attached a few paragraphs that I asked Alex to share, and knowledge is everything in the investment game.


Since the late 1980’s I have worked with my clients to correctly set up their finances and protect the risks they took as we tried to ensure that their precious income streams were best utilised to create long term income which would eventually replace their ‘job’ income. After all we all know that job stands for ‘Just Over Broke’ as you are a cost to the employer and you are seldom likely to be paid more than the employer needs to pay to keep you.

At their core all investments are the same , it is only the vehicle used to create wealth that changes. I always spend time with my clients to understand this principal and give them future options and goals.

For most people their number one goal is to own their own home. They also often incorrectly see this as their investment. However the home is nearly always borrowed up to its limit over their entire working life. Although their name is on the title they just need to default on their payments to the bank or the local council for several weeks to see who really owns it. The mortgage payments are usually set up to maximise the interest payments to the bank. After all they call the tune and the interest payment is their income. When you add in the effect of Fractional Reserve Banking the banks are making at least a 30% return on the funds they lend out. Also this mortgage payment takes all the family’s income not used on living expenses and leaves them vulnerable and unable to invest in their future.

However I have learnt from personal application and experience how to turn this situation around to the client’s advantage and show them how they can over a relatively short period own several properties and build up a passive investment income which can then be used to widen their investment options.

The main problem is that not all properties can be classed as investments. In many cases they are a huge liability. It was therefore a true pleasure when I met and got to know Rebecca Harris who recently started PROPERTY SCOUTS in Invercargill. ‘ Bex ‘ has agreed to work together with my business MORTGAGELINK SOUTH to identify properties in Southland that qualify as investments and undertake the necessary research to confirm this. Together we have agreed to work with our clients to ensure they buy the properties that will become more valuable over time, offer advice on pricing, and set the finances up in a way that will pay the debt back sometimes in as little as half the time it normally takes.

We will also make the clients fully aware of the risks and further opportunities so that over time they and their family will learn from our own knowledge and experience how to use income wisely and create intergenerational wealth. After all we can all sense that the job market is changing and our children need to adapt to a new world about which they are learning very little in our school system.
Please contact us for a full and free appraisal of your own situation with confidentuality assured.

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