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Pets, or no pets? - 31st Aug 2015

For many landlords the subject of pets or no pets is cut-and-dried, on the flip side you have tenants who cannot imagine life without their beloved pets.  Perhaps there is room for compromise? By advertising vacancies with "pets negotiable" the ball is in the property managers court to decide whether an individual pet would be acceptable in a specific property and leave the opening to discuss this with the property owner.

What no landlord wants is tenants keeping pets behind their back. As long as the pet is documented in the tenancy agreement, and there are good processes and systems to avoid
any negative repercussions, pets in rentals may deliver a win-win for tenants and landlords.

Potential pet problems
They can cause damage to properties, from minor issues to ruined carpets.  The worst offenders tend to be large dogs, which can be surprisingly effective at chewing up fixtures and fittings.
Cats however can scratch doors/walls/carpets, and can cause huge issues urinating
Rabbits and guinea pigs don't tend to cause too many problems aside from perhaps smell, but are usually kept outside.
A property manager of nearly 16 years noted however the worst damage he ever saw was from a slow leaking aquarium, that damaged the floor.

So what makes the perfect tenant and why would you consider having a pet in your investment property?

In our own personal experience we have found some of the best tenants have had pets.  The underlying cause of pet problems is the owners.  The type of responsible person who takes good care of their pets is likely to take care of your property.  Pet owners are also likely to stay longer, because they have more difficulty finding another property.  If you flatly say "no pets" ultimately you limit your tenant pool which tends to lead to longer vacancies in rental properties.

Property management isn't always black and white and sometimes, leaving things to negotiation can kept all options open, and attract the right tenant.

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